Personalised Health – Bringing genetics to Fitness Professionals


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Understanding personalised health is a must for fitness professionals. It is well established that individuals with differing genetic backgrounds will respond differently to the same environmental exposure (genetic difference), and that the same person may respond differently to the same stimulus when at a different stage in their life (epigenetic change). Personal trainers, through appropriate training are now able to allow for these differences through quantification of epigenetics, giving you the ability to account for each individual in a clinical workload. Personalised health is essential to appropriate care moving forward. This webinar series aims to introduce and discuss these principles in detail.
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Personalised Health for Personal Training
  • Learn the basics about how your clients’ genes and their results are affected by your whole environment, not just exercise
  • Understand how when you categorise somatotype ACCURATELY, you can learn an abundance of information about their genetic information, and what they might need from their programs
  • The danger of giving different people the same advice
  • Know the ways you can simply and quickly measure genes to create a fully personalised program for each individual
Clients of the Future – No one-size-fits-all


  • Understand how you the size, shape and function of your body is related to your genes and your requirements – and the assistive technology that now exists to make it a reality
  • Understand how when your clients’ bodies change, so should your programs and recommendations
  • Know how different minds will actually need a different relationship from you. I.e. frequency of visit, detail of explanations, habits around conversions
The Future of the Fitness Professional
  • Using genetics to build rapport with clients and improve conversions
  • Using genetics and operating within scope of practice
  • Becoming a genetics fitness coach – when to coach and when to train your clients
  • Getting the right information when dealing with genetics


Dr Cam McDonald (PhD), Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Current pioneer in the application of personalised & phenotypically driven health interventions in practice. 5 time Filex and FitEx presenter. Co-author of Nutrition Coaching for PTs (Australian Institute of Fitness). Mentor, Health speaker

Kyle Riley (BSc) Health & Exercise Scientist. Cert III & IV Personal Trainer, Endorsed personalised life coach.Teacher at the Australian Institute of Fitness, and Director of Business & Coaching for ph360 Health Professionals

Between these 2 individuals, they have more experience than any other when it comes to the teaching and application of personalised health and epigenetics in Australia. They are equally as passionate as each other to help simplify the complexity of genetics and unique programming into simple, bit-sized chunks that can be used in practice today.