Simplifying Personalised Health – ph360, Epigenetics in practice & future medicine


Join us for this 3-part Webinar Series covering evidence-based principles of epigenetics, and how these can be used in clinical practice through a new platform for personalised health: ph360

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UH-Epigenetics-263x148Understanding personalised health is a must for medical and allied health professionals. It is well established that individuals with differing genetic backgrounds will respond differently to the same environmental exposure (genetic difference), and that the same person may respond differently to the same stimulus when at a different stage in their life (epigenetic change). Advanced medical practice is now starting to account for these differences through quantification of epigenetics, giving us the ability to account for each individual in a clinical workload. Personalised health is essential to appropriate care moving forward. This webinar series aims to introduce and discuss these principles in detail and in context with a new, and highly developed personalised health platform, ph360. We look forward to seeing you there on the night.
Title When Topics covered
PART I – Introduction to the science
of personalised health and ph360UH-Epigenetics-195X181
Wed 7th Dec

6pm QLD
7pm NSW

  • Join Dr Alberto Garoli, , International Researcher, to discuss advanced principles of personalised medicine, and current integration in medical practice


PART II – Personalised health care
program ph360  & it’s current-day
application for our patients
Wed 14th Dec

6pm QLD
7pm NSW

  • The elements that make up our environment and influence genetic expression
  • How technology like ph360 allows these elements to be quantified relative to a persons genotype
  • Taking these measurements and deriving evidence-based interventions for the individual through ph360
PART III – The future of ph360 and FAQS
Wed 21th Dec

6pm QLD
7pm NSW

  • Updates on the direction of medicine, and how new technologies are influencing practice
  • How technology like ph360 will create faster intervention, reduced disease burden and allow optimisation of health


Dr Alberto Garoli, Chief Medical Research Officer for ph360. World leader in the application of Personalised Medicine, an International speaker, and a pioneer bridging the gap between advanced modern Western medicine and traditional medicine principles.

Hosted by Matt Reimann, CEO & Founder of Personalised Health 360. Health scientist & current leader in the application of personalised medicine and epigenetics. Consultant to the UN, US Govt, US Army, WHO and leading international corporations.