Personalised health has arrived, and understanding how to use it in practice as a health professional is what this workshop is all about.

Dr Cam McDonald, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and a leader in the application of epigenetics for improved health, will deliver an exclusive event designed for health professionals at all levels who would like to learn more about including personalised health as part of tool kit.

The forum aims to broaden your perspective in relation to what can be done, and the next level of best practice healthcare. Whether you are a skilled or inexperienced health professional, this event will allow you to view your health through a new lens, and give you the information you need to understand what is involved in bringing personalised health into your practice and create significantly better results.

Dr Cam will cover many aspects of health, including:

    • The basics of genetics, epigenetics and how they relate to health
    • How understanding phenotype can give insights into not just your genes, but the health of your genes
    • Case studies that give you insight into how the body’s systems work together and complement each other
    • A practical understanding of how to run genetics and epigenetics consultations in your current business

Experience first hand how the sciences of endocrinology, anthropometry and epigenetics can help predict your own and your clients’ health status, and direct optimal healthcare management.

This fascinating and educational event will take a closer look at how combining science, medicine and technology allows a predictive and preventative approach to keep you on the leading edge of future health care. Ultimately, it will prepare you to introduce truly personalised interventions for unprecedented results.

Who is this event for?

Any person of the general public, health practitioners, trainers or health coaches who have an interest in enhancing their clients’ health management through epigenetic personalisation.


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Dr Cam McDonald

About Dr Cam McDonald, PhD

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Endorsed Prescriptive Personalised Health Coach

Dr Cam studied as an Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian and Nutritionist, and then completed his PhD looking at lifestyle change after cancer treatment. Those learnings in combination with a decade of private practice, conference presentations, and a general thirst for the whole answer to health, has enabled him to follow his passion of helping to make the healthy choice easy and obvious for individuals, and to contribute to a more positive and well culture.

Nowadays, Dr Cam divides his time between conducting epigenetics based personalised health consultations for individuals, giving outstanding conference and event presentations as a health speaker and motivator, conducting company health change programs, and training health professionals internationally in the use of epigenetics in practice.

As a speaker, he is known within the fitness industry for his engaging presentation style that makes even the most complex science digestible and empowering.

His major focus is to give people their own motivation back, provide insights in the use of start-of-the-art science, and create simplicity in advice that allows the healthy choice to be easy and obvious for people of all walks of life.