Discover the Simple, Scientifically Proven System to knowing, FOR CERTAIN the RIGHT type of Exercise and Nutrition that is going to CONSISTENTLY work for each UNIQUE Client

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Understand how different clients have different exercise and nutrition needs based on their unique genes AND the current environment they are in


Truly Personalised Health

Discover why some of your most dedicated clients are not shifting weight and know what to do to ensure you provide the consistent results they are paying you for


Understand Unique Behaviours 

Learn the secret system to instantly know how to motivate your clients into action to create total commitment and epic results

'By knowing the genetic needs of your clients, you can build incredible levels of trust, rapport and ensure EVERY CLIENT achieves consistent results, providing a steady stream of income and effortless sales conversions' 

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Dr Cam McDonald

Dr Cam is the Managing Director and lead trainer of  PH360 Australia. He is an Accredited Practicing Dietician and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

You may have seen Dr Cam speak about genetics, coaching strategies, reversing chronic disease, and brain health. He is a popular, engaging   speaker and has presented for Flight Centre, Allianz, and FILEX for the past 5 years running. 

Having spend the last 4 years transitioning his private practice clients from generic programs to fully tailored genetically-based programs his clients with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and auto-immune conditions now live disease free and on a continual path to their optimal health. Those with a history of yo-yo dieting and stubborn, immovable weight have found the unique code that works for them, where nothing else did. Needless to say, these clients are very happy, refer lots of people and his client retention has gone through the roof! 

Dr Cam McDonald - Accredited Exercise Physiologist Accredited Practising Dietitian


Will it work for new Personal trainers?

Absolutely. This training will re-write your text books and supersede everything that you and your 10year+ colleagues have learned.  You can be on the leading edge and deliver every one of your clients awesome results.

How quickly can I start doing this?

Immediately following a short intensive training, (just 3 days) you will be able to integrate this with your very next client, and almost instantly  help them create tangible life-changing results.

Do I need any extra insurance?

If you are currently insured as a practicing PT, you are good to go! 

Where are the events?

We are running live events all around Australia (and the world) visit: to find out more about the free professional development series

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! The mission is to end chronic disease and pain by the year 2050, the more forward thinking health professionals the better the health of the world!

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